Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy to get back to blogging! It's been over 3 years since I last posted.

I am glad to be back into the blogging world! I will be posting at least twice a week about all of wonderful things I'm learning and doing in my new position. I will also be creating materials that I will use to assess, instruct, and co-teach! 

Since I last blogged (over 3 yrs ago), I have had a chance to serve and lead in many capacities, earn my doctorate, and start my own crafting business. I am now serving at a wonderful elementary school as an EL ( English Language) Specialist.  I will be Co-teaching with other teachers, and working with small groups in grades 2-4  and focus on increasing reading skills. 

Starting next Monday, I will begin a book study on Jan Richardson's New Book! It comes out July 22nd, and it should be delivered the day it arrives! Beyond excited to read her book and dive into learning all about, The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading: An Assess-Decide-Guide Framework for Supporting Every Reader  Hopefully, I will have a schedule for each chapter soon!

Stay tuned,