Sunday, March 25, 2012

Money March Madness- Basketball Themed Money Unit and a Giveaway!!!!

So glad to be posting today!!!!! I finished my Basketball themed Money unit today and I now have it on sale in my TPT and TN stores. It's 55 pages of sorting, counting, making flapbooks, circle mapping, games, and more. This will be a great addition to your money unit. Students will loving playing my version of "Go Fish" called "Free-Throw" and the Popular "I have, who has?" Take a look at the preview provided or thumbnails. Students will be excited and eager to learn the money skills with this unit.Students will love the lively graphics and fun activites I  am also adding a Math Menu where students get to make delicious choices that will help them practice money skills. It's only $1.50. The Math Menu will help you differientiate math activities in the classroom during your money unit. . Check out what's included in the unit below and take a look at the pictures. The first 3 people who leave a comment on this post, follow me TPT and TN, and follow my blog will receive  this unit for free.   
Here's what's included: Click here to go directly to  my TPT store to purchase it or here to get it at my TN store.

This Money March Madness Unit will help students practice money skills up to $1.00.
This Basketball themed Unit includes:
1. Mad Money Matchup- 1 Coin Sort/Word/Picture and a paper folding pattern included
2 Slam Dunk Shoot Out Cut and Paste Sheets- Matching coin values with set.
2. Slammin Flap Book with Brainstorming Sheet for what Equals 25, 50, 75 cents and Sort cards included to add to flapbook
3.Double Dribble Words- Students will express coin amounts in words
4.Free-Throw Game played like "GO FISH" 48 cards included.
5. Let's Go Shopping- Students will shop in Courtside Store and make combinations that equal $1.00. There are 17 items for sale in the store. Page 2 Student will make 8 combinations that equal one dollar. Answer key included.
6. Posters- 6 posters are included for 5 of the coins and the dollar bill.
7. Color Coded Coin Sorting Page with hidden picture once completed.
8. Basketball Themed Coin Sorting Mat
9. Sort and Graph Money- After students sort money they can fill in this graph.
10. Circle Maps- 6 Cirle Maps are included. Each map ask 4 questions  about each coin and the 1 dollar bill.
11. Face in a dolar bill- Students can draw or add a picture to dollar bill.
12. I have, who has game that can be played  with 20 students.
13. What's your name worth? Students will find the value of their name and other classmates using coin values.
Thanks- Check out the Money Math Menu I have for sale.


Laura said...

I am so excited for you! This looks awesome!! Of course I follow you everywhere! I am going to blog about this right now... :)


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This looks awesome!

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