Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eric Carle Bargain Books and Stuffed animals

I was shopping in Kohls the other day and ran across a really sweet deal. By the registers, there were HARDBACK Eric Carle books for just 5 dollars each. To make this an ever sweeter deal, they had stuff animals to match each book. I was kind of hesistant about getting the stuff animals because I thought the 2nd graders would think they were for babies. I was so wrong, the oldest student who is also a boy was cuddling the Brown Bear the whole entire independent reading time. He said I can't help Mrs. Hayes, its just so cute! Students are allowed to cuddle with them when they are doing independent reading. So far, no fussing over them and someone is always loving on them. Check out my pictures below!

I have two more that I will post soon! I absolutely love the books and stuffed animals to match them.


Laura said...

Love it when they put that stuff right at the register! Can't resist!!

Alisha Hayes said...

I must agree! I think I lost my mind when I saw these! Can't wait to see what's new this week!

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