Saturday, February 4, 2012

100th day of School Olympics and How to eat 100!

We celebrated our 100th day of school on February 2! This was also Groundhog Day, so we watched a quick video on and then it was a wrap. The 100th day of school was much more important to them!  My kids were so excited about the 100th day of school Olympics. There were several events going on in the classroom. Each student had five rotations to complete and they were in groups of 5. Each activity was timed and the students either had to complete something before 100 seconds or see how many things they could do in 100 seconds. Students just rotated clockwise through the designated areas in the classroom until everyone completed each activity. Before you take a look at our activities, I have to tell you about the mystery in my classroom all day. I told my kiddos that we would eat 100. Some thought it meant we were going to eat one hundred of something. Others were just puzzled and their guesses were far from what I meant. So if you are wondering what I meant when I said we were going to eat 100, this is what I meant.......
Eat 100! (1 large pretzel stick, 1 chocolate and 1 powder doughnut)

1st Activity: Can you do 100 jumping jacks in 100 seconds? Yes we did this in my classroom! 15 minutes of physical problem!

2nd Activity: How many words can you read in 100 seconds? Students had to read sight words and mark them as they said them aloud. This was a challenge but very funny!

3rd Activity: How many math problems can you solve in 100 seconds? Students were given a list of 100 addition facts. I had some that actually completed 95!
4th Activity: How many times can you chew a piece of gum in 100 seconds? Students had to write tally marks for each chew! This involved critical thinking.

5th Activity: How many times can you write your name in 100 seconds? Some actually forgot their name after the 15th time!

Here are some other activities!
What will you like when you're 100 years old?
What would buy with 100 dollars?
Complete the 100 chart before your classmates
100th Day Poster
Top Ten things you learned the first 100 days of
2nd grade!( She was interrupted on number 8!)

 100th day girls and collection!


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