Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Send a Message with style with

Yesterday I was so excited about attending my first class of the semester. I didn't understand why I feeling this way because I have been a college student a whopping 10 years! But when I arrived to class, I knew why. I was in a Technology class for Elementary Teachers and the first day was amazing. My teacher made us take pictures via the webcam on our laptops(I used my IPad2) so that she could have our pictures to add to her attendance app. I got so excited. After learning about all of these wonderful things, we begin to talk about assignments. Our first assignment was to complete a survey on and then send a video message to the teacher to introduce ourselves. If you notice on the first column on my blog I have an EyeJot video message. You can make your own video messages in a matter of minutes! Click here to get started! If you don't want to create one and just want more information click on What's EyeJot? to get information about the site! Imagine the possibilities in your classroom. Express what you want to say in your own live message. Leave all the typing behind!


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