Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear IPad, You Rock!

I absolutely love utilizing my IPad in the  classroom. I recently purchased a VGA connector from Target and  it is available in many stores. After watching my professor bring her IPad to life on the projector screen, I was hooked. It was simple to connect my projector to my IPad. Watch the Video below for  instructions on how to setup it up. Today in class I used an App called Show Me. I was able to record my morning message and write it at the same time. When students came in I was able to greet them at the dooor and others were able to listen and read  my message for the day without  me even leaving my post. Students laughed at the sound of my voice but they responded positively and begin to follow instructions as stated in the recording. Tomorrow we will sort words from ICard Sort and Word Connex. All Apps are available in ITUNES in the App Store.

Click on link below to see where you can purchase a VGA connector


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