Saturday, July 30, 2011

Classroom Website

I've been working on my website and adding things here and there. Check it out! Tell me if you liked it. It is a work in process! Click here to view it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Take a Field Trip around the world without Leaving your Classroom

 Is your school or district facing restrictions or limitations on field trips? Just throw those permission slips away and travel around the world with ease in your classroom. Google Earth will take your students around the world and back again. You can create trips with recording voice to guide the trip. Don't have time to create one of your own? Have no fear, some are already created for you. Visit birthplaces of presidents and see pictures of where they live and how they look. Download it to your desktop and and if you are having trouble...let guide you!

Also, google earth can also help with geography and math. How could it be used in math? Well of course, time elapse while traveling around the world, city, or state and geographical calculations.

Just Monkeying Around

I started this summer creating a new survey that I wanted to give parents at the beginning of the fall and quickly realized how long it took me to decipher  through all the returned surveys from last year. As I completed the last question, it hit me. Just use the web! The first thing that came to mind was Survey Monkey. I can give parents the link or just have them complete the survey during family orientation night. Parents participate more when they are part of the learning process.

Check it out!!!!!!!! Free and Easy to create

A New Way to Poll

Every year around early November, my second graders participate in a mock election. I used to spend many hours creating nice looking ballots and finding the right box to hold all of them. Well times have changed and people no longer fill out ballots with pencil and paper. Just like other things in my class, this method must go. So you say, what is the solution?
Here it is: Go to
This site will let you create polls and will give you instant feedback of the outcome of the mock election.
Use it with your class, friends, or collegues! I love this site, goodbye fancy paper ballots and pencil! Hello one click then submit!
It will give you step by step instructions!

So many sites, so little time!

It is hard to describe the excitement I feel when I come across wonderful sites that will enhance my teaching.

Well here are just a few I found just minutes ago:
Arcademic Skill Builders are free research-based and standards-aligned educational games! Engage and motivate students with our multiplayer and single-player games.
This is an awesome site that will allow you to keep all of your online bookmarks all in one place. Never lose your favorite site link again! The best part about it, it's free. Check it out!